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Originally Posted by kurt h View Post
gas pressure could be your problem. But not can buy a cheap manometer to check it though. If its locking out more often when its windy id think inducer fan, vent pipe,combustion air pipe or pressure switch.check tubing also.i dont know what the elevation is where you live. But if over 2000 ft you usually need a hi altitude pressure for limits they should ohm out 0 can heat it and it should open.(infinate restince) youll hear it click.after it cools should close again.
I changed the pressure switch control board this unit was put in 2004 the 2nd heating year starting having problems with unit air works fine they have this problem in canada and a lot of other places i have been running unit with door cracked sinse 2005 i must have gotten a lemon when it quits i will get another one no more Amanas I am thankfull for heat and thankfull for this site have a happy new year

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