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Originally Posted by ottogaus View Post the microwave doesn't always heat (sometimes it does) and when it doesn't, it seems the turntable also does not turn. Is this still the microwave control board and the same relay?...

...Also, the "regular" oven does not seem to be working properly. Wife made three pies and they were runny. Oven fealt hot, but something is definitely not right. She also swears the oven turned on by itself. Could this also be related the microwave issue? I am guessing not, because the regular oven has a separate controller, correct?...


Most likely the new problem with the microwave is related to the same relay on the control board. You also may want to check the primary (top) interlock switch. The instructions are in the earlier attached file.

In regards of the problems with the lower oven I would suspect the oven control board. You are absolutely right - it is a separate control board.

- The oven control board Part number: WB27T10591

Part number: WB27T10591

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