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Hi Gene, I have a Kenmore Refrigerator and the Model # is 25352642303. I noticed the constant clicking noise from the top-left side of refrigerator before evaporator fan finally runs. I think the Adaptive Defrost Control unit is bad and ordered a brand new one (Part #: 5303918476). After removed the old ADC out, I found out I have to use the new wiring harness, too. The problem is that the new harness does not have a two-pin connector for fast ice/fast freeze heater (from freezer side). The weird thing is that the installation instruction sheet (Note 4) indicates such connector should be on new harness. But I just can't find it. I went back to ADC IV kit page and can't find it in the picture either:

Frigidaire 5303918476 Adc Iv Kit -

How do I proceed? Should I leave the fast ice/fast freeze heater unconnected?


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