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Originally Posted by Simon / APP Team View Post

Let's do it tomorrow. To get to the control board you should open the lower oven door, locate two screws holding the side trims (one on each side), take them out and pull the trims down.
Next remove one screw on each side holding the control panel and lift off the panel. Before doing that make sure the power is off.
To check the thermal fuse locate it inline of the black wire going from the P24-3 to L1. If it's open - replace it. You can jump it to check if this is the only problem.
To check the power transformer P16-5 (R) to P16-7 (R) 75-95ohm and P16-2 (BLU) to P16-3 (BLU) <1ohm.
Post the results.

Simon -
I can't thank you enough for your helpful response and instruction. I did the continuity tests and found the transformer P16-5 and -7 only had a reading of 35 ohm and that P16-2 and -3 had .002 ohm on my digital meter. the fuse seemed ok. Does this mean I need a new control board? If so what is the model number for that? I'll look for your response on Tues.
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