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Default GE XL44 Gas Oven slow to heat
Model Number: GSSS05BEW2BB   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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Didn't see the exact problem posted.
My parent's oven is slow to heat. I replaced the ingitor, and it seems to work better (30 min. to reach 425), but this still seems slow and gas flame looks weak.

Other Symptoms:
Oven's flame looks small. Flame exits burner holes and goes horizonatally for an inch or less then turns up. Other ovens I've seen, the flame spreads out considerably.

Burner's holes look good, no evidence of clogging.

When set to broil, the flame size does not change. (oven doesn't have a separate burner for broiling).

gas valve voltage: ~3.2 VAC when oven is lit

gas valve resistance: ~ 1 ohm

A couple of years ago, a repairman had come and said that the gas valve was not opening all the way due to mouse damage and would cost 300 to fix. I didn't see any evidence of mouse damage. Could there be mouse damage somewhere causing this behavior?

Is it possible that the gas valve is stuck so it doesn't allow enough gas to come through, or is 30 minutes to reach 425 normal?

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