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I just ordered a drain pump assembly today. I hope this solves the finicky drain. Some cycles it's fine, some cycles it F2's or SUD even with only 2 tablespoons HE liquid detergent. Most cycles it won't drain during the rinse cycle. I have taken apart the drain assembly cleaned it out, de junked it. Ran hot cycles etc...ugh.

I sure hope all this getting to know my washer today pays off when I install this new pump.

I feel empowered. 37 yr old Mother of 4. I did it!

While I was at it I took apart, front and back, my matching duet dryer and cleaned the whole inside. I even took off the lint catcher and vac'd it all out nice and purty. Holy coin-ville! About 3 pockets worth of change in the bottom og my dryer, lol!
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