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Default Alternative methods to clean drain hose

Originally Posted by EMALINOSKI View Post
Is the water making it into the drain pan? My idea, (I'm not a pro as Jeff is) is to reverse the process. I got access to my drain hose inlet by dropping thermostat housing, it had a drainage tube about 1" long at the bottom. That inserted into the drain hose. I had trouble getting a funnel back there, so after several messy attempts I just reversed the process. I found the plastic drain pan in the rear of the unit, and pulled the hose out far enough to blow some compressed air into it. Some debris came out the other end, plus some water. If you don't have access to an air compressor, maybe a can of PC cleaning type compressed air duster would work, or better yet a long, sturdy but flexible version of a pipe cleaner to run all the way through. You will probably be disgusted by the "mung" that comes out if the unit is old--- by all means don't use your mouth to blow on the hose unless you clean the end inside and out thoroughly and fabricate a protective sleeve for it first. The last thing you want is for the grunge in/on the hose to get inside your mouth. Just some ideas from the peanut gallery, Jost
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