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Default Is your issue resolved?

We have seen this issue a lot and wondered if you were able to resolve yours? Did replacing the receviers help? We have done that too and still the problem reoccurs soon after. We can't ever see any signs of the frame being bent. A few times we have been able to bend the hinges a certain way that works but sometimes not.

Originally Posted by togamac View Post
The hinges on my oven have failed to adequately hold the door shut several times. The first time was when the oven was about 5 years old. The last time was last week. The replacement hinges lasted exactly one day. They were fine when installed but failed to hold the door shut after I used the oven at 350 degrees to roast something for one and a half hours.

I'd really appreciate if someone could help me determine the cause for these failures. The oven is a built-in with a microwave above it and will be pretty expensive to replace.

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