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Well it’s been three months… And three replacement dishwashers later… And I still don’t have a defective-freeunit! Unbelievable… But true.

Same model unit number two: No drips, no exteriormoisture. And wait for it… Wet dishes! Open up the door and the all the walls of the tub are dripping withwater. Backing up a bit… The unit wasdelivered with the top-right corner was dented… I never saw the box, but I suspectone of the corners was crushed. Thenafter sometime… During the drain-cycle a sound started to emit. Which then escalated to symphony of whinesand moans! Multiple service calls… Noresolution.

Same model unit number three: Same a unit number two… Wet dishesagain! Although no evening serenading ofwhines and moans this time. Multipleservice calls… No resolution.

If you ask what the service technician would find… I have noidea. Lost interest.

What’s up with this no-drying thing… Anyone with similarproblems?

Last email I received from GE is chat about a buy-back.

Stay tuned!
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