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black/L1 already checked. That's where I pulled power from to try to jump the timer attempting to get the motor to run by itself.(connected purple to black, L1). It was getting late so we had to leave. It's an hours drive for me so unless I can confirm it's a motor we'll have to wait another day. I do know the push to start part of the timer is functioning (confirmed with continuity test w/ ohm meter). I sure don't want to buy a motor if this thing doesn't actually need one. The symptom is simply that when you push the start button NOTHING happens. The timer motor doesn't appear to run though I have jumped power to it and I could hear it running with power applied directly.
I also checked by jumping directly from L1-black to orange with no reaction from motor.(extra spade to spade connector)
... as I recall, white, orange, & purple are the run circuits, green/ground, the other wires are for centrifugal switching of heating elements & timer.

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