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Try the following, print out the wiring diagram as it will help.
Short the meter leads together before you start so you can see if there is any zero offset.
Attach one meter lead to the Neutral on the power cord and leave it there.
Set the timer to mid scale timed dry, door switch closed.
Set your meter to the most sensitive scale.

Check to both sides of the thermal fuse both should be 0 ohms.
Check to "1" on the motor, should be 0 ohms.
Check to "S" purple on the timer, should be a couple ohms (the motor windings)
Check to "M" orange on the timer, also a couple ohms.
Check to "L" (probably black) on the timer, also a couple ohms
Check to L1 on the line cord plug end, also a couple ohms.

The above checks the motor circuit.
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