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Default results, at last

Hello fellow frustrated dryer owners:

After taking it apart 5 times and about 25 hours of frustration, I think I finally got it. I put in the new transistor as recommended in this forum, and the same problem persisted. So, I took a blower motor out of another dryer that I knew worked ( I was replacing my electric dryer for a gas one I bought used), and nothing would power up except the drum light.

So, I went through a testing process and checked the ohms between the white (#3) and pink (#8) wire on CN11 cable, and what do you know. Just after testing the ohms, (resulting in 4 ohms) the display powered up. I had to stick a sewing pin next to each wire into the connector because my Fluke probes were too big to fit into the slots. I did this with the wire plugged in and the dryer plugged into the wall.

Conclusion? I am guessing that the computer in the system had to be re-booted for it to work. Testing the ohms on these two wires rebooted the computer. This is just a guess.

Also, be careful when when pulling these wire cables out of their slots to not pull on the wires. You can loosen one of the individual wires without knowing it, and believe me, that is a tough one to find. Guess how I know.

I hope this experience is helpful to someone else out there.
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