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Hello Gene, thanks for staying with this problem:

Does the igniter glow every time when the thermostat clicks? Does the flame ignite every time when the igniter glows?

The igniter glows once after the start switch is turned on. Then the flame comes on and stays on for about a minute, there is a click and the flame shuts off. The drum continues to turn but there are no more clicks and the ignitor does not glow again for the remainder of the cycle.
The flame always comes on when the ignitor glows.

Does the igniter glow on automatic cycles?
Only on Automatic Delicates and the timed cycles. It does not glow on the Automatic Colors & Whites cycles.

Did you replace the coils while fixing this problem or they were replaced before?

They were replaced several years ago. I thought it might be the same problem so I just replaced them again so the coils in the machine are brand new.

Thanks again
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