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Default GE WPRE6100G0WT no AG/SP

Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Check the inline fuse. The location on the fuse is shown in the attached file.

- The fuse kit Part number: WH49X10055

Part number: WH49X10055

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Parts for GE WPRE6150K2WT Washer -

Hello Gene,

I have the same no agitate/no spin issue with my GE WPRE6100G0WT. First I had the 4 blinking LEDs, reset the machine with same result, open ckt when tested so I ordered and replaced the Mode Shifter Assembly. After the long process, and modifications to tools to get it apart, cleaning and installation with a new tub bearing.

All happy to have it back together I started a small load, no clothes, and when the tub was finished filling no agitation. Tried drain and spin mode, nothing, pump works. Checked the board and got 6 flashes. Reset and still have 6 flashes. Not seeing 135/30 on the coil, seeing 9VDC on all C4 pins and I didn't check the 120.

What is next? I had checked the fuse prior to starting the mode shifter replacement and it was good. The new Mode Shifter is at 68ohms, it is in the garage in SoCal and probably 65 degrees inside so I didn't think that would be to much of a concern. I am vested now so if the motor is the logical next step then...

Really appreciate any help and all the help I have already gotten from ready this and other threads. Look forward to your response.


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