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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
My bad. You said: and I thought you know how a transformer designed.

These 3 wires is from 2 secondary windings and one of them is high voltage with about 2100 volts. Don't even think to touch them, especially when the microwave is plugged in.

There suppose to be another 2 wires on the other side of the transformer. These wires should come from the control board and the door switch. These are the wires which should be connected to the primary winding.

Lol on your quote my bad.......

I'm not an expert but have opened and fixed 3 LCD TVs... Never a microwave.

Anyways so I trace the wire from the control panel to HV transformer and it connects to relay switch 4903 this is a brown wire. The second wire goes from transformer to the magnetron. This Is a white wire. Which then hooks to a circuit on the magnetron with blue lead wire. The blue wires go to door switches.
So should I hook up voltage meter to relay wires?
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