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The timer works when in timed mode but not in high heat or low heat mode.
Is high and low heat still in timed dry?
Perhaps i should explain how it works, see the wiring diagram.
In timed dry the timer motor gets power through TIMER SWITCH 0, TM/WB contacts. Basically directly from the line (L1 to Neutral)
In auto modes the timer motor gets power through TIMER SWITCH 0, TM/OR contacts. This is through the heating coil when the coil is shut off by a thermostat. The RESISTOR then drops this 240 volt power down to 120 volts for the timer motor.

You will also see in the timer/contact chart if you look at END OF CYCLE that in both timer and auto that the TIMER SWITCH 0 TM/OR contacts drive the timer motor the last little way to off.

So if the timer stalls just before shut off and at the end of it's cycle then you may have a problem with the heating coil.
Unplug the unit and both wires at the heating coil.
Measure the heating coil, should be around 10 ohms.
Then measure from each heater contact to the machine's frame, both should be infinite ohms. Be sure to find bare metal on the frame.
If not infinite then the coil has shorted to the frame/case and should be replaced.

But, when in timed mode the timer will stop working just after the first click is heard on the timer.

Not sure what this means.

Also, when I say the timer is working, I'm going by the "site glass" in the timer itself.

This is just telling you that the timer motor is working not that the timer is working. There could be a problem in the timer where the motor works but the timer does not advance. If the motor is running then the timer should advance.
When I refer to the timer working I am talking about the knob advancing.
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