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I have rebuilt a couple of dryers, but this is my first washer.

Lesson 1 - don't lay completely over ;-)

So, I am going to assume the tranny will be fine missing a few ounces of oil. Not going to pull it apart unless absolutely necessary.

I do have a question about the agitator bolt and rubber washer that I pulled out. When I took it out, there were two rubber washers on it. One small, beveled washer that fits snug on the threads of the bolt. And another wider, flatter washer that almost pulls over the top of the bolt head (doesn't seem to fit right) - Left and center of pic.

When I bolt it back down, the bigger washer doesn't seem to seat right, and if I don't hold it in place with a screwdriver, it will twist and pop out over the top of the bolt. Even when it stays on, it doesn't look like it would properly seal anything.

I bought a new flat washer from Lowe's (on the far right of photo) that fits nicely under the head of the bolt like it seems it should work better.

Why are there two rubber washers on one bolt? I inherited this washer from a family member, but I don't think anyone has ever pulled the agitator bolt before, so I believe it is stock…

Again, the two washers on the left were on the bolt when I took it out of the agitator assembly. Is this correct? Why?
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