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Default New Symptom

Originally Posted by edickes View Post
I would like some help troubleshooting my Advantium oven speed cook operation.
Symptom: Speed cook can be programmed and run with normal appearing lights, sound, but no real heating.
Troubleshooting so far:
1. Ran microwave heating test for 1 liter of water. Passed with over 32F temperature increase.
2. Ran performance test for halogen lamps with 1 liter of water. Failed with <5F heating.

1. Where can I get a service manual for this model oven?
2. I assume that if the halogen light lights up, that it is working correctly. Is this right?
3. Is there a test I can do, without disassembly, to check the ceramic elements? (I think something like turning the unit on for a few seconds, then touching a thermometer to the heater body would give an indication. Unfortunately, I do not know what to look for.)
4. What is the normal cycling sequence and duration of the halogen light on/off?
Thanks for any help you can give. Eric
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I realized tonite that I have a symptom to add to the problem. This is not a new symptom, just untested before.
Symptom 3: In the convection mode, it now takes 15 min for the oven to heat from room to 450 F. It used to take much less time (5 min?).
Hope this helps to zero into the problem.
Thanks for any help you can give, Eric
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