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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Hi Michael,

There are no any resets in such situation. If these lights are flashing then the new console most likely is the only solution. Try to follow the instructions posted by jgiza25 on 8/17/2008.

Hi Gene,
Well, the lights were not flashing. They were on solid (2 hr delay light - then on keypress, the child-lock light solid).
I took the console off, and tested with an ohmmeter. As you say, tech sheets from one model can't always be used by another. Unfortunatly, the tech sheets for my model don't have a full test procedures for the console/keypad. I was able to map out most everything, but there are some things about this console that are strange, because there are more lamps and switches than can be addressed by the interface lines.

After all the tests, I ended up connecting the panel back, and initially it looked like the same problem. It sat for a few days, then I came back to look at it some more, hit the 'anti-bacterial wash' button, and the unit cycled like it was in diagnostic mode. I cycled through all the steps, and after that the dishwasher was working normally!

After a few more weeks of normal operation, it locked up again. I suspect it's because I use the 'energy saver' settings, and had someone open the washer before the cycle finished when it was still in the air dry mode.

I'm suspicious that the real issue is not a hard failure in the panel, but some combination of panel and control that puts the machine in some strange state when interrupted.

Have pulled the console again. And am letting things 'sit' again.
Any ideas?
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