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How do I determine why the compressor isnt running? Looking back on it I think things stopped pretty suddenly. We noticed some water on the floor under the freezer and assumed the kids must have left the door ajar. The next day we figured out that it wasn't cooling at all and the temp was slowly rising in both freezer and FF areas. I believe the water was from the ice melting in the tray cause when I removed it it made a mess everywhere. I have a multimeter and am pretty handy but I dont know where to start or exactly what to look for. It seems to me that either the compressor motor isnt being told to turn on (motherboard or temp sensor) of something in its circuit is bad (relay, motor etc.). If the coolant leaked out wouldnt the compressor still run? And if it was a slow leak wouldnt we have noticed things getting warmer over a longer period of time?


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