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I put the spray arm back on. I had tipped the dishwasher on both sides to see if I could see anything. A lot of water spilled out when it was on either side and the water came out of the filter assembly mesh area.
Also, I had the filter assembly mesh out and shook it and there was still water in there. I don't know if that matters.
Anyway, I turned the power back on to the dishwasher and the drain pump stayed off. I ran a 15 minute rinse only cycle and it went through the process fine and drained properly. I'm not convinced it's fixed, though.
I realize having the water pour out while on it's side emptied it but where would the water be hanging up? While running the rinse cycle I kept an eye on the underneath of it and saw no leaks. Could there be a small clog in the drain hose that would cause this backup but still partially drain?

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