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When cool the compressor starts every time and takes the fridge/freezer to operating temps (38 and 0), which, after reading your post, I confirmed with a second thermometer and not just with the fridge’s own display. It’s restarting to maintain the temps where the problem arises. Today I noted when the fridge/freezer reached the proper temperatures and listened for the compressor to shut off. It shut off about 30 minutes after the freezer digital temp was 0 and right about exactly when the secondary thermometer reached zero. 15 minutes later, without ever opening a door, the compressor tried to come on again, the relay buzzed and the compressor did not start. About 60-90 seconds later it tried again. And 60-90 seconds again.... Then I shut if off. It seems like the compressor is being asked to come on too soon/often. We have frequent power interruptions in my area, could this have taken a toll on the main board (I see no physical damage on it)?

The compressor doesn’t cool enough to start before being asked to come on again. Frustrating.
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