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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
You have to check the LED at that time if you did not do it yet.

Sorry i did not get back to you, i was out of town. I did check the LED light while the washer was acting up, while washing, but the motor LED light still read a normal status of .5 sec on and .5 sec off....Which makes no sense if the washer is not working properly unless it is some other issue...I did notice something about the agitation i stated before it only agitated while on delicates cycle...and on no other cycle...but once the washer is agitating on delicates, i am able to quickly turn the knob to any other cycle whether it be cotton or any other and it will continue to agitate on that cycle even though when started specifically on those cycles other than delicates it will not agitate on its on....but once again the washer fails once done agitating and doesn not drain or spin on its own without setting it to do it manually. I am not sure if this helps you with decifering what else could be wrong besides the motor or control "computer" board....I'd entertain any other ideas you may have....thanks!!
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