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Default motor problems

Okay, I've finally replaced the motor. Still have part of the same problem. If I hook up a 110 test cord directly to it, it runs fine. However, when plugged into the 240 wall outlet, nothing. I've checked every single component and they all test good. I've even tried bypassing the fuse and thermal switch just in case I was reading them wrong.

One thing, I cannot get a voltage reading on the red and white wire coming from the start switch to the motor because I cannot press the button and take a reading at the same time. Therefore, I bypassed the switch by touching the two wires together and I get 119 volts right next to the motor.

Another thing, when I read the voltage from the thick red wires on the heating coil, by going from the leads to a ground, I get 120 volts, not 240. Should that be the case?

I'm lost. Please help!!!!!
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