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Originally Posted by CJ Auto View Post
...1. Is there a procedure for checking to see if the filler tube is iced up?

2. Is there a procedure for clearing ice from the filler tube?...
Hi CJ,

1. The easiest way is to disconnect that tube from the water valve on the back of the refrigerator and blow some air through the tube.

2. If the tube is iced up, you can use a turkey buster with hot water from the freezer side of the tube.

If the tube is iced up, defrost it and replace the water valve.

If the tube is clear but there is no water to the ice maker, the problem can be a bad water valve or a bad ice maker. In order to determine it you can swap the wires at the water valve valve solenoids, then press the water dispenser lever for a few seconds and check for some water inside the ice maker.

If there is water, replace the ice maker.

If there is no water, replace the water valve.

- The water valve Part number: W10247725

Part number: W10247725

- The ice maker Part number: 2198597

Part number: 2198597

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