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A model number may help others help you.

Since it is a Samsung info on the unit may be difficult to find on the net.

If you can see the comb then perhaps the old gum on a stick will work.
I would only do this if it is a fairly easy grab as you do not want to loose the gum in the unit.

You could also buy a pick up tool similar to the following but you do not need a fancy one.
Mayhew Tool LED Lighted Pick Up Claw | Pick-Up Tools and Mirrors

Depending if you can see the comb and you can slip a string around it, you may be able to jiggery pokery a pick up tool. get a piece of tubing or pipe.
Thread a string through it so there is a loop at one end. Slip the loop over the comb then pull the string ends to tighten up the loop and with luck get the comb out.

If none of the above work then you will have to take the unit apart but without info I cannot say what that will entail.
Or perhaps someone else has better suggestions.
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