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I cannot find any info on the given model number, please check it.

On most units gravity and the belt tension hold the drum down.

On the front they are often supported by a couple glides (plastic tabs).

On the back they have either a center bearing or two support rollers.

Odds are your unit has the rollers as a common fault is when the go they cause banging.
Also check that the fins in the drum are secure.

Since you are a noob following are a couple suggestions.
1. Since you have to open the unit up you may as well give it an overhaul so also check the belt, the glides, the idler wheel, the drum seals etc for wear. If you need a lot of parts it may not be worth fixing.
2. Give the interior including the blower wheel a good cleaning.
3. This is also a good time to check/clean your vent system.
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