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Default Sharp R-9H83 CPWBFA456WRK0

Originally Posted by MicrowaveDisplaycom View Post
I hear this a lot. They were great old units.

The circuit board is officially "no longer available" but sometimes you can find a used one or "new old stock".

I just checked ******** and my best sources with no luck. But sometimes they turn up from time to time.

In case it helps, the proper Sharp part number is CPWBFA456WRK0 (zero on the end) and it was used in models R-9H73, R-9H83, and R-9H93, which may also be listed as R9H73, R9H83, and R9H93.

If some of the pads on your keypad are not working, it's probably a bad keypad, and those are even harder to find, if not impossible.

Good luck.
Bill thanks for the info.... My keypad is working great. The control board blew a hole in it. I heard a pop and an awful smell. When I looked in the unit. I saw that the control board had burned out.. I really wish there was some way to get the board. I'm even thinking of possibly fixing the board by replacing a solenoid which burned out and see if it will work. If you run across such a unit PLEASE contact me.

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