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Default E0 F2 on a KitchenAid KEBS277DWH6

I'm getting this error (which for this model is listed as "Keypad not connected"). The history is:

1. Ran self clean on top oven, and entire unit went dead

2. Replaced the control panel thermal fuse. Bottom oven now runs fine, top oven has no heat.

3. Replaced top oven shutdown thermal fuse. Both ovens now run for exactly 60 seconds, and then stop with F2 E0.

4. Checked keypad. All keys work as expected, and beep when pressed.

5. Checked and cleaned keypad connector. Still F2 E0.

6. Checked all oven component resistances. Most are in spec. Both door locks are a little high. Both blowers (cooling) are a little low.

7. Replaced control board with refurbished unit. Still F2 E0

There does not seem to be a front panel with the keypad available, so I can't replace this.

I'm suspicious that the error has nothing to do with the keypad. When I replaced the top oven back thermal fuse, I did not do anything at the front of the oven to disturb the keypad, and the lower oven worked prior to doing this. Could it be that the control board checks something after 60 seconds, and shuts down with the wrong error? Perhaps the blower motors are wearing out?
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