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Hi, ok to the point, I'm a Electronic tech and have 30 plus years. so I am up on most thing. My dryer doesn't heat, I changed the heating element and both thermal fuses.I have 110vac at both L1 and L2.My Temp Selector on low is .001 ohms, medium is 1.90 ohms , and high is total open. ( now this should still produce some heat on medium right, Also my timer motor is only 13 kohms instead of 1800 to 2900 ohms. So I know the timer motor is shot.Ok I have 110vac on bk and R of the timer thur the cut off at 325 degrees. also coming out to the operating thermostat then to the high limit. All seem to be fine but I'm only getting 115 vac at the heater. Now if I'm reading the diagram right I should be picking up L2( red) 115 on the other side of the heater. Can you give me a hint. Thanks

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