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Originally Posted by jt864 View Post
frigidaire 18k BTU window a/c not getting cold it does put out a little cool air
I have cleaned unit throughly and see no obstructions to air flow. i do not
hear compressor kick on or off when adjusting thermostat settings. unit is approx 2-3 years old and worked fine until 2 days ago. Any help would be appreciated.
if you have the right voltage & the fan runs but not the compressor, maybe a wire is burnt off or you need a capacitor OR the compressor is bad. an 18,000 btu may have a 35/5 mfd capacitor on it so you need to find the "size" which is on it - do NOT forget to write down which terminals the wires are connected to - there will be an H for Hermetic a C for Common and an F for fan.
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