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Default Thanks!!

Thanks soooo much for all of your help. I will be fixing my own appliances from now on (with your expert help, of course). What a great idea, cudos to whoever designed this sight! I will buy all of my parts from you, you guys are awesome!!! I did everything that you recommended and It worked, YEA! There was one very disturbing thing that I noticed while I was working on the inside of the freezer. One of the defrost heater tubes has been too close to the side of the plastic on the right side of freezer and has melted a large section of the unit. The burnt chunks of plastic had fallen off and were clogging the drain hole that then froze solid with ice. I know that I'm long out of warranty coverage, but is this something that poses a fire hazard of any kind? What is the best way to keep that line away from the plastic, in the diagrams I cannot find any part to attach that to the silver coils-should I just use a piece of metal wire and tie it off to the evaporator coils? I sure wish I could punish Maytag, somehow, for making such a P.O.S.!! Thanks again for all of your help! Cyndi
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