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FYI the board in the dispenser area does not control any aspect of the ice maker. It controls the fountain and and dispenser mechanisms. That being said those boards seem to fail for no reason some times. other times it's either the cube/crush solenoid (to the left of the auger bracket in the back of freezer) or the ice door solenoid can crap out and cause it. I've also seen the switch behind the rubber pad short out and cause issues. check the solenoids for free movement, they usually lock up/melt when they fail.

You can probably turn your ice maker on and still get ice, it just won't dispense it out the door.

And this is also not related to your ice in the bottom of the freezer issue. As denman said it's your drain line is plugged. I recommend clearing the drain line with hot water and compressed air. I would caution against sticking anything sharp in there, there is a rubber elbow right after the drain hole and it's easy to poke a hole in or push off of the drain fitting. Once you get it flowing a bleach solution can be used to kill the moldy gunk living in there.

Hope all this helps.

p.s. double check the housing where you removed that computer board. if it's melted/warped in any way be sure to replace it. Same goes with the dispenser door that is in there.
good luck!

edit: If you got smoke out of the actual ice maker, then you probably had a heater short out or got water in the module. replacing the Ice maker should fix it.

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