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I resoldered the trace about 8 years ago and no problems with the 2H/run continuously since and didn't replace the relay (yet). Other problems with this DW are:
1) faulty pushbutton plastic tabs which break off due to heat. I bought a plastic soldering kit and gooped lots of extra plastic on these tabs;
2) a leaky inlet solenoid which eventually caused an overflow;
3) noisy squealing pumps - which the local Bosch repair guy said was due to us precleaning our dishes and not having enough 'lube' in the water to keep the pump quiet. We don't preclean. What a load of crap.
I won't buy any more European stuff. They design to mininum spec.That is if it takes 10 amps, they design for 10 amps with no safety factor built in which causes the problems we see here.
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