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At this time I think both of us agree that the problem is with the part. Earlier you said I could have received a part from the old batch. How do I verify if its from the old batch or not?

I have read and reread all 8 pages of this thread atleast 10 times. So I am pretty sure I con't have missed anything. Once you have the springs visible, removing the old ones and inserting the new ones is pretty straight forward. I can't think of a way that you could insert the spring in its place any other way.

In any event, it won't hurt to see the video(once WPL recovers it) and the manual you are referring to. Please email it to: omersm at gmail dot com

Do you know how long ago WPL lost that video. I seem to remember that its been lost for a few years now. So its possible they might not have any plans of bringing it back.
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