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Hi Ted,

Unfortunately I have tried these steps before and used a plastic tie in the middle where they cross but that did not make a difference.

I appreciate your taking the time to respond. I am not sure if you saw my part about the right side of the right spring not aligning correctly and overlapping with the hinge by about half an inch.

I have to use pliers and a mallet to get the right spring in place. I doubt that is how the manufacturer has designed it to be inserted. That tells me that this batch of right side springs have a problem in them(the left side goes in without a hitch).

Is the right side spring not meant to align correctly with the hole(on the left) and the hook on the right resting on the hinge? Am I supposed to use a plier and a mallet to hammer it in? Also can you look at the images that I have in my previous email and comment on how the right hand spring is resting on the hinge(is that how it should be) when the left side is aligned with the hole?
I don't think I have missed any step(really there is no step that you can miss ) Otherwise you would be way off. However I think you will be able to tell by looking at the photos(videos that I have posted before) if there is anything wrong with how I have the spring insert.

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