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Default Dryer won't start

Originally Posted by Simon / APP Team View Post

Unplug the dryer. Remove one lid off the thermal fuse and check it for continuity.
If you are reading the 115V across the fuse that means it's open.

Thank you. Post the results.


I'm not an electrician so my terminology might not be precise, I'll try to explain better what I did......with the machine plugged in and both wire leads attached to the thermal fuse, I checked each terminal individually with a probe and the other probe to ground on the machine, in each case I got a full 115v reading so I assumed it is closed/good....I also checked it previously out of the machine for continuity and it was a bit fussy, but the more I checked it (making sure I had good contacts) the more I concluded that it tested positive for continuity. The same testing method was used for the two terminals of the door switch (each terminal individually and ground) which showed 115v on each side. All the other thermostats/controls mentioned in first post were tested the same way, each terminal individually to ground checking for voltage.
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