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Originally Posted by rsperson View Post
Like the subject said - broke into 5 pieces Used butter knife - panel bends, cracks and breaks
Yes mine too no matter how careful I was and I'm not a DIY newbie with fixing things. Trim piece on order now

Vid I posted in above post is exactly what pertains to my model (KHMS155LSS4) after trim piece #2 is removed showing no handle screws. One thing the vid doesn't show that was the only way I got mine apart, was to bend the metal away at each plastic hook for much easier removal like in vid. Don't forget to bend the metal back to original shape once done with installing new handle and sandwiching the two door components back together. That will allow trim piece to snap back in place correctly.

Why oh why didn't they give us a 'real' stainless steel handle in the first place. Certainly paid a pretty penny for the stainless steel model...what cheap-o's.

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