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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Hi Dan,

Where did you look for the LED? It must be under the motor's metal drip shield like it's shown at the attached picture or on the right side of the motor.

P.S. Make sure there are no any foreign objects between the inner and outer tubs.
Hi Gene,
That's where I thought the LED would be, but there isn't one there. There's a component deep in the board toward the back that looks like it could be a LED but it does not light. Before the power surges in our home, the washer worked beautifully and with the new control board everything functions except the spin speed. Are there two speeds of spin or only one? I set it for longer spin, but the clothes are still drenched at the end of the wash, although the tub is dry. I'll look for something between the tubs. Thanks for the suggestion.

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