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I checked the outlet and it delivers 240V. I checked continuity of the power cord by touching one probe to one of the three posts and then touching one of the inputs on the terminal block. Only one input showed continuity and the other two did not. I checked the other posts the same way and in the end, all three show continuity to the respective input on the terminal block, so I believe the power cord is okay.

I also checked continuity on the terminal block for L1, N and L2. I checked these in the same way as above, measuring between the posts on the power cord and L1, N or L2. For all three contacts (L1, N, L2) I could find a post that gave 0 ohms resistance. This is the same post that gave 0 ohms resistance when measured across the imputs.

However, I'm concerned because I did purchase a new cycling thermostat and checked it for continuity the same way I did the old one - with the same result. I get a reading between the wide posts but not for the narrow posts. I would have expected to see resistance between both of the post sets.

Before I reassemble the dryer and take it to my daughter's house to see if now works, what else can I check?

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