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Default We all have troubleshooting manuals -- just don't know it

Hi folks,
if you are like me, you been looking all over the internet for a toubleshooting manual. Well, I was.... until now. I just found mine. I'll bet you have one specific to your machine and don't even know it.

Look on the underside of your Bosch dishwasher on the left side near the front. It is very easy to find if you remove the front panel put your cheek on the floor and look up at the underside. You'll find a very well folded piece of paper loosely held in place by three clips. Slide it out and unfold it.

The paper shows the wiring diagram on one side and the troubleshooting diagnostic tests on the other side. The diagnostic tests are specific to your machine.

I thought my run times were getting long. With the wiring diagram I was able to unobtrusively locate the heating wire and measure the current going to the heater with a clamp-on Amp meter. Turns out it is drawing the specified amount of current.

Using the diagnostic test on the "hidden" paper, I get no error codes - - another clue.

So, check beneath your dishwasher (front left side).
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