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I also could not find any info.

The Sears Canada parts site stinks, basically they have no info.
I can tell you that the 970 designates that it is a Frigidaire unit.

Here is a good link with lots of manuals. Join the site. It is free and they do not send you spam. Then take a look at Service Manuals\Free Downloads\ Refrigerator Service Repair Manuals, you may find a unit that is close to yours.
Note: The Frigidaire manuals are with a date range like 5995449906 "Frigidaire Side By Side and Top Mount Refrigerators Jan 2005-Jun 2005 Service Manual" usually just wiring diagrams so check out the other ones.
as there is a limit to the number of manuals you can download per day.

You will have to pull the covers.

If it is fiberglass I would replace it as this will take forever to dry out. I would use styrofoam, if possible.
If it is white styrofoam it also will have to be replaced as this is open cell and will absorb water so it looses it's R value.
I doubt Sears will sell the insulation as a part.

Good luck from another Canuck.
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