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Default Ice accumulates on freezer bottom

I have the same Maytag refrigerator and had the same problem. There is a little tiny drain plug with a pin-sized hole which constantly gets plugged. I kept thinking that it was the ice maker so I didn't turn it in until just after my warrantee expired. The service rep said that this model was defective and that Maytag came out with a slightly larger plug with a larger hole. He said that it is a pain to replace because he had to remove the bottom drawer; it took him about an hour and one-half. He said that Maytag should have recalled the part but since they were purchased, the new company has no customer service. I called Maytag and they said that "no one else has experienced this problem". Maytag had problems with dishwashers catching on fire (it's in Consumer Reports) even when they were not being used and it took an act of Congress to get them to issue a recall. Definitely not the company they used to be.
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