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Originally Posted by Kpdon1956 View Post
Replaced the boards and still have same issue.
Waited a couple of days and is still only dispensing in 2 or 3 days.
I have used a hairdruer to melt the ice and start fresh.
I/R light working the same as the original.

Should the I/R beam be on when the door is closed?
I used my video phone and did not see it on!
If the bin is foggy,will this stop the light?

Any suggestions?
A couple of things. The I/R beam is always on, until you open the freezer door and the emitter beam is broken by the "flapper" on the wall. The beam is "shot" through the two cut outs in the top of the bin. Frost on the bin shouldn't affect the operation, But any frost should only be momentary, when the freezer door is opened. There shouldn't be any frost, unless we have an issue with the dispenser flapper or an air leak.
Are the ice cubes that are made, are they clear and solid, or do they appear to be layered, or cloudy ? You aren't attached to a reverse osmosis filter system are you ? Check and make sure the fridge compartment is not too cold, especially in the crisper drawers. Make sure there's an average air temperature of 38 to 40 dgrs F. in the fridge, and 3 to 5 dgrs.F. in the freezer.

Let us know what you find, we'll go from there.

Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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