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Gene, thanks for all of your info on this thread. I'm pretty confident what my next steps are now. I just wanted to confirm the information on the test points on the Control Module. My wiring diagram does not show them and the only reference I saw on this thread was on 07-01-2011 and it didn't clearly lay things out. Model is KSRG22FKSS15. The troubleshooting was a bit frustrating because the trouble changed a couple of times.

Please confirm or correct:

L&N - 120V input. Powers the module. The Emitter and Receiver must be working for the power to be there. The black wire on the ice maker is a fusible link which could also be the problem.

H&T - If 120V is present, shorting H&T will bypass the bi-metal strip and the Control Module motor will run initiating a harvest cycle.

L&V - Shorting will dispense water.
M&N - ?????
H&N - Shorting powers the heater to the mold releasing the ice.

Thanks again Gene. From here I can actually see the United States but as you don't ship here I'm going to have to satisfied with your assistance and paying double the price for the parts locally.

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