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Default 2nd attempt / frustration setting in.

Originally Posted by sidfink43 View Post
It is a good possibility that a support item is broken and sometimes it is hard to see any damage. Change them out and check out the rest of the support area while you are in there.
Thanks for the reply. I have replaced all the shock absorbers (3) that were in there. I noticed ports for an additional shock absorber so I added one of the old ones that I've replaced into that spot. Still vibrating very rough, the machine jumps a half inch off the floor at the worst point of it.

When you say change out, what parts are you referring to aside from the shock absorbers? I was considering changing out the two springs on the upper porting of the outer tub. I noticed that the large wheel that the belt rides on is very slightly out of round, the belt seems to ride around it well.

There are 4 bolts on the back of the machine that seem to hold the tub in place, I'm guessing that you may be referring to these as the support system?
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