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KP, Sorry, but we need a better idea of the issue. What or where is the ice you have to melt with a hairdryer? if it's actually in the ice bin, that would be a good indication of a sticky fill valve, or the dispenser flapper door is not sealing and causing the cubes to melt together. It could also indicate a faulty defrost component, causing the freezer to overheat(but you didn't mention anything about thawed food or "freezer burn".
Another quick check is, when you open the freezer door, the LED light on the right side wall, should be on solid, if it is blinking (2 blinks and a pause) this would indicate an issue with the I/R sensor system, and could be a cause for the intermittent operation as well.
Give us a better idea of the issue and we can pin point the issue for you better.

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