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Originally Posted by cessna180patrick View Post
I've got a KitchenAid KSRS25RVMS02 with a dead icemaker. The optics check good per the 2-blink w/flapper out then steady w/flapper in procedure. Fill tube not frozen. Pulled icemaker, with it connected only 33.5 vac via L & N check. Disconnected and removed it from cabinet. Checked harness continuity good in black wire with inline fuse. In the box Molex connector, GRN/YEL wire was good to ground, White wire also good to ground. Tan wire goes to fill valve and has good continuity. BLK/WHT wire has only 33.5 vac. Where does the BLK/WHT wire supposed to get the 120 vac from? Looks like it comes from emmitter unit so do I need to replace that boards?? I'm stumped. Could a plug connector have developed internal resistance? All lights, fans, and indicators work perfectly. I'm hoping for some help on this from you experts. Thanks in advance, Patrick.
It is most probable that the board has failed but the possibility exists that the problem could be a poor electrical connection at a molex connector or a partially broken wire. Post your model number and I'll dig up a wiring diagram so I can tell you which connector and which pin should have your ice maker output voltage on it.

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