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Default Please help with side by side GE profile artica inverter box
Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Hello all My next door buddy has an old GE side by side which died. He had a service guy come out and test the inverter and said it was bad and it would cost 530 bucks. They tight on cash and would rather buy another one than pay that for it so I found a matching kenmore inverter used on ******** for 100 where u only change out the signal wire to make it work. We did all that and it sounds like its running but not getting cold. The only thing we couldnt figure out was where the 3 pronged star wars ship looking wire clip out the middle of the inverter box goes to as the compressor has 3 triangle prongs comming off it. Does it even get hooked up? This thing is now driving me mad with my ocd trying to find anything on installation instructions lol. Thanks for any help.

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