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Unhappy My icemaker has me stumped too....

I've got a KitchenAid KSRS25RVMS02 with a dead icemaker. The optics check good per the 2-blink w/flapper out then steady w/flapper in procedure. Fill tube not frozen. Pulled icemaker, with it connected only 33.5 vac via L & N check. Disconnected and removed it from cabinet. Checked harness continuity good in black wire with inline fuse. In the box Molex connector, GRN/YEL wire was good to ground, White wire also good to ground. Tan wire goes to fill valve and has good continuity. BLK/WHT wire has only 33.5 vac. Where does the BLK/WHT wire supposed to get the 120 vac from? Looks like it comes from emmitter unit so do I need to replace that boards?? I'm stumped. Could a plug connector have developed internal resistance? All lights, fans, and indicators work perfectly. I'm hoping for some help on this from you experts. Thanks in advance, Patrick.

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